Our Local Products


HIS Stressing Jack

Wide range of stroke and wire options.

Heavy duty construction.

Can be fitted with flat, spring loaded or hydraulic noses.

Suits 5, 7, 9.6, 12.7, 15.2 & 15.7 strand 

Vertical port orientation

Has the capability to achieve full tension on

12.7 (0.5”) strand and 15.7 (0.6”) strand 

Anti-rotation standard 

Maintenance available upon request 


Grouting Machine

Grout Pump and Accessories 

380/220 Volt electric motor, 5 Hp 

Maximum 5 no. 50kg bags 

Fully enclosed chain or belt drive 

Removable panels for maintenance 

Hinged safety mesh bowl guard 

30m delivery hose 

Steel injection nozzle 

Stainless steel valves 

Maintenance available upon request.


HIS Flower Jacks

Creates bulbs/onions on strand.

10 ton at 700 bar.

13mm or 15mm strand.

Long life wedges.

single acting cylinder ensures light weight equipment and allows convenient and efficient use on the job site. 

Maintenance available upon request.


Stapler Gun

 taple guns provide the post tensioning industry with the most effective and reliable tools. 

Our robust staplers are built to withstand the wear and tear given to them onsite. 

We can supply a full range of spares and consumables. 

We always carry in stock a range of galvanized and stainless steel staples to meet your requirements 


Elbow Stressing inclined fitting

Used for stressing the inclined strands in the slabs 

For the pan box inside the slab

Simple installation
Sturdy design 


Flower / onion master wedge

we are highly engrossed in providing Master Wedges. 0.50 inch 0.60 inch 

for flower / onion jacks 

Simple installation
Sturdy design
Corrosion proof 


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